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The fashion of Dana Delany | @ The Geffen Fundraiser, 2012

DKNYC Drape Front Dress (Poppy). $139. Nordstrom.
Lauren by Ralph Lauren ‘Updated’ Stretch Belt (Black). $38. Nordstrom.
Prada Suffiano Lux Snap Tote (Black). $1750. Neiman Marcus.
Nordstrom ‘Starlight’ Bangles (Set of Three) (Gold, Clear Crystal). $48. Nordstrom.
BCBGeneration ‘Parade’ Pump (Black).  $88.95. Nordstrom. 


The fashion of Dana Delany | More magazine, April 2010

Bold Shirtdress with Belt (Coral). $24.80. Forever 21.
Ultimate Push-Up Bra (Neon Pink). $8.80. Forever 21.
Python-Black Velvet Pump (Purple). $32.50. Charlotte Russe.
Betsey Johnson Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings (Silver). $25. Nordstrom. 

Note: This is one of, if not my favorite Dana look. I have the shirt dress and pumps shown above, and I wear them together all the time!


The fashion of Dana Delany | Honoring the Irish in Film Pre-Academy Awards Party, 2012

Kate Spade New York Katarina Coat. $558. Nordstrom.
J Brand Skinny Stretch Jeans (Pure). $169. Nordstrom.
Tote (Papaya). $1730. Prada. 
Prada Bow Ankle Strap Sandal (Orange). $790. Nordstrom 

"What make/design are Dana's CURRENT glasses? Can't upload a pic as my laptop is fucked, but I'm sure you know the ones I mean(thick black ones). Any info appreciated :-)"
asked by: shebecomesme

How did I know someone would ask this? Haha.

So for those of you playing at home, these are the glasses:

I’m not sure these are the exact ones, but if there’s anything I’ve learned from the Danapedia, it’s that Dana loves Prada! The closest match I’ve found is the vintage-style model, pictured below:

They’re listed on the Prada site as sunglasses, but if you take them to Costco or wherever you get your prescription filled they can put your lenses into the frame. They run at $245 on the Prada site. It’s a pretty classic styling, though, so a lot of other designers like Kate Spade will have similar frames.

Thanks for asking! I know the IHOP is always in love with Dana’s eyewear.

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I’m starting on the Fashion of Dana Delany series right meow! ;D

Just keep in mind that very few of the items I list in these posts will be the actual thing she’s wearing, as most of it will be out of season by now. I’ll be getting as close as I can to what she’s wearing.

If there’s something from a specific event you want to know about, please feel free to drop a message including the name and year of the event (or, if it’s from a movie or TV episode, include the movie/episode title, year and a scene description if possible), or submit a link to the image. The DelanyDelicious gallery has a huge collection of images from, well, just about everything!

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How would you guys feel if I did a Fashion of Dana Delany series?

Figured I should probably start posting here again with new followers and all ;D Plus I’ve missed you guys!

Body of Proof Stars, Dana Delany and Mary Mouser Red Carpet Interviews [VIDEO]

Body of Proof Actresses Dana Delany and Mary Mouser tell StarCam about why they were attending JDRF’s 9th Annual “Finding A Cure: The Love Story Gala,” what fans can look forward to in the next season of “Body of Proof,” how there’s never a dull day on the set and more! Check out the videos on our YouTube channel (StarCam Celebrities), or our tumblr page. Thanks! 
Dana:  http://youtu.be/RiOQKZ8-9AA   Mary: http://youtu.be/J83LB-YqTnk


Body of Proof: Going Viral, part 5


Body of Proof: Going Viral, part 4

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